Him ♡


I don’t even know where to start about this because I don’t know how to describe about him, like there’s no words to describe him because he’s so precious and pure.

I still cannot believe that I’m dating with him and I’m afraid of losing him already. He basically changed my life now. I’m happier than ever now even though, I’ve been struggling to deal with anxiety. But he’s always there for me and I’m blessed.

The thing about him that I love the most is that he always makes me laugh, he’s so funny. I would laugh at every jokes that he made except for his lame jokes because that’s not funny at all. But whenever I’m around with him, I feel so comfortable. And that’s a good thing. Like I can talk to him with whatever topic, he would always there listening. I don’t care if he doesn’t know what to say as long as he’s there listening.

I love him for him being himself, I don’t need him to be somebody else to get my attention or something. Because I’ll love him endlessly. He has such a beautiful heart that sometimes by his actions or words made me melt. I just love him. I love the fact that he always says ‘I love you’ every time or always says good things about me, in other word, he always compliment me. But yeah I just love him so much.

The most beautiful thing is that he made me feel special and made me fall in love with him even more and all over again. I’m so thankful that he’s my boyfriend, and I really appreciate him for existing in my life because he’s such a nice guy with a beautiful heart I swear.

If you’re reading this, don’t try to be anybody else, just stay true to who you are, okay? I love you whole heartedly.

Right now, you’re handsome. 🙂




A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay


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