Missing that one person

Do you guys ever miss someone so much that it hurts so good? Well, basically I’m dealing with it right now. I miss my squad at school especially my boyfriend, Ander.

He’s currently on his way to his destination right now, I’d rather not tell where. Its been 1 hour since he left this country. He’s staying there for 2 weeks which makes me even miss him more. Ever since he left this country, I kept on listening some good musics and I bloody discovered¬†VERY GOOD MUSICS.

I’ve never had this feelings before, it came suddenly.

I want to get rid of this feeling.

Every time the notifications from Twitter, Gmail or anything, I thought it was him. I smile while receiving it. So I decided to text him what I’m doing at home right now. Kind of like a “vlog” so when he received it, at least he knows what I’m doing when he’s away. But it kinda helps me so much easier.

Anyway, I better get going now! I don’t wanna miss my chickens & goats growing. Yes, I have a farm. In the laptop. LOL! Okay, talk soon!

I hope he arrives there safely and protect them at all costs.








Spotless Mind – Jhene Aiko




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