Get rid of this feeling

How to get rid of this feeling?  I’m sure a lot of you experienced that feeling, right? If you don’t know what that feeling is then you are welcome to read my latest blog and you’ll know.

I’ve tried many of them already such as ;

  1. I listened to musics. If I got bored with the musics, then I’ll go to Youtube and discover new songs. I did this method for like 2 hours I guess?
  2. After I’m tired of listening to many songs, I went to read a book. Yes. A book. Currently, I’m reading The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider. It’s a good book, it makes me forget about the world and enter the fictional world.
  3. I went study for 40 minutes.
  4. I went back to read the book.
  5. And then I cried.
  6. I cried while listening to good songs.
  7. And then I fell asleep.

Truth is, you can’t just get rid of this feeling, it is harder than you think. Basically, everything you do will reminds you of your loved ones. Because everything I did, will reminds me of him. He’s always on my mind.

The good thing about this process is me finding more songs (LOL). I miss him so much that it hurts. But today we skype and I’m quite happy about it.

Don’t ever feel sad about it, you’ll just have be patient about it, I know it’s hard. But you’ll have to deal with it with your own ways. 🙂









XO – Beyonce



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