A Little Journey

Hello guys, the reason why I haven’t been on for the past I don’t know for how many days I left this blog is because I went to Vietnam with my family.

Before I went to Vietnam, every night I always thought of airplanes, like is it going to crash or not. Anxiety will attack me every time even when I’m in Vietnam. But when I was in the plane, and it was ready to take off, I was well-behaved, maybe because the stewards were very handsome (a very typical r). I remember my hands were all sweaty and I hugged the pillow so tightly. When I looked up at my parents and other passengers, they were all so calm.

Looking at them calms me down and my brother who sat next to me made a very funny joke that made me well-behaved, I guess?

Anyway, we went to the Mekong River and of course the Cu Chi Tunnel. Oh and The War Remnants Museum (I’ve always wanted to go there, I forced my parents to go there with the tour guide).

I’m impressed with the foods there. It’s so good that actually I’m craving for it right now. Oh god, why did I talk about food? I’m making myself drooling. I bought not so many stuff there, because I spent most of my money on the food. But it was worth it!!

My favorite place to go in Vietnam has to be the Mekong River, I went there on day 2. The fruits were so good especially dragon fruits, jackfruits, cherries, and watermelons. And of course we were given a coconut to drink on our way back to the land.

In Cu Chi Tunnel, most of them were tourists from different countries, and most of them were handsome and so tall!! LOL OK I NEED TO CHILL. My boyfriend will kill me if I don’t chill over handsome guys that I’ll never ever going to meet again. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity (JK).

Entering the War Remnants Museum was heartbreaking. I read most of it and it saddened me so much. I actually cried while taking pictures of it. I don’t know, it just hurts so much seeing the Vietnamese were treated like that in their own country. For example, like the chemicals brought so many people became disabled. The pictures are still running in my mind. Sigh.

Overall, It was quite an adventure that I will cherish forever as long as I’m still breathing. I love Vietnam, in fact I miss Vietnam already. I enjoyed myself in Vietnam.

Okay, that’s the end of my blog, talk very soon!










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