Beach Lane by Melissa De La Cruz


Expect some little spoilers!!

If you haven’t read or you wish to read this book, you may ignore this blog due to some spoilers and you may also read this blog if you like spoilers!


Beach Lane by Melissa De La Cruz is by far my most favorite book that I have ever bought. I did not expect myself from buying that book. I was in hurry to grab the book because my mom was queuing at the cashier, so I panicked when she said “hurry”, and then I grabbed this book.

At first, the book was quite confusing, I thought Jacqui was a guy but no. I don’t really understand the first 3 chapters (I’ll just call it chapters for now because there’s really no chapters, just names).

I like the character of Mara the most, she’s just so polite, and self-disciplined. She knows what to do for the kids.And I didn’t expect her to be with Ryan Perry! Jacqui probably my least favorite one because all she wants was to go back to her ex-boyfriend which was useless. She can literally have other boys, Luka is not the only guy in this world. At first she hooked up with Luka and after that with Luka’s bestfriend!

Eliza is okay I guess, she can be a bit bitchy and kind sometimes. And she can be so fake in front of her friends. She kept pretending to be the richest kid whenever she’s around with her so-called-real-friends! For some reason, I ship Eliza and Jeremy.

I don’t really remember if I cried on this book or not. I’m just not sure. I HATE MARA’S BOYFRIEND SO MUCH (not Ryan). He’s so annoying. I swear.

But anyway, I think I’m done here now. Talk soon! I really recommend this book to any girls out there who loves New York or dramas. I have not read the continuation of the book, and I can’t really wait to buy it and read it. 🙂









Hymn For The Weekend – Coldplay



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