A self-letter for myself again..

Dear future R,

Hi, how are you? 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be happy there and so am I. I’m happy now and is currently skyping with Ander.

I want to make sure you’ll read this ‘letter’ in 5-10 years later, when you’re around 20 or more than that. I don’t know, it depends on you. But I hope you’ll have fun reading this, it may be cringy but bear with me now. I’m now the 2017 version of you so….

I just finished my essay and mind mapping. I’m so damn tired. My boyfriend is my distractions while I was doing my homework, but I still love him though! Don’t get me wrong.

My dreams right now is to ace my exams and further my studies somewhere out this country, not too close from here and not too far from here. Sometimes, I just want to restart my life, by studying outside my country and meet new people. Meeting new people equals to no one will give you the bad first impressions (unless you really did something bad at the first start). No one will tell them who you really were back then until you’re ready to tell them. No one will control you there. You can finally be yourself.

That’s just my dreams, who knows it will never happen. :’)

In school right now has been great, but of course there’s drama. I can’t literally be myself there. I am being myself when I’m with my close friends. I’m not really sure what had happened to Luke ,seriously though. He’s ignoring us. By us, it meant, me, Maya and Ander. The 4 of us were close back then in November 2016. But now, it just doesn’t feel like it anymore. We only lasted for 2 months or maybe less. It’s so sad how people can change in a speed of light! But it’s his decisions, I don’t care anymore. The good thing happened, it is when me and Paul are back being friends.

It’s almost my 6th monthsary with Ander, I’m pretty excited about it. It’s like we’re already dating half of a year.

I wonder who will be the luckiest man on the earth to have you in their life. I’m not sure if things will be the same or not but I hope you can get through it like I did. I hope you’ll take a lot of opportunities, and I hope you’ll feel more confident about anything, especially being yourself and your figures. My advise is to reject any guy who only loves you for looking pretty and just because of your body. You’re not a toy to play around with. I’m sure as you grow, you’ll be more mature (hope so…)

I’ve always wanted to travel with someone special, and I hope you will fulfill my dreams. I love seeing people travel. And I love it when I’m travelling and my sister or brother or mother will take cute pictures of me even when I’m ugly.

I just want you to be happy, if you’re not, just pray and calm yourself. Things will change but I hope you’ll make good decisions. 

I also want you to successful on everything, no matter how you many fails you’ll get in life, I want you to turn it around. Make your parents proud (cause right now, they aren’t satisfied with my end of year 2016 exam results).

I wonder where you’re working right now, I don’t care if it’s a part time job or full-time job! I’m hoping you’ll get A REAL JOB AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

You know what, just have fun with your life, I’m sure you’ll meet great friends or someone (I don’t particularly know who but whatever).

Enjoy every moment with your loved ones and learn to appreciate people and their hard work for you especially both of your parents. You will see how they’re helpful in every way even tho I will not notice it now but you will.

Study hard and be happy always!

Bye 🙂










It Ain’t Me – Selena Gomez & Kygo




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