My Love Life


Hello guys, I’m back with another blog post. Today, I’m gonna talk about my LOVE LIFE.

Obviously, everyone know what is the meaning of love, am I right? Well, some of you guys probably know who my boyfriend is, if you read my older posts, you’ll know what I mean but If you haven’t then, you should check some. I felt like I talked about him a lot (hehe and I enjoyed it).

Anyway, we are both doing greatly and we’re both are fine! I’m happy about it and hope it’ll keep it that way.

Even if we have fights in the future, I seriously don’t want him to leave me all alone. He’s always there, in my heart. He’s everywhere to me. Everything reminded me of him, to be honest. There’s no day that I’ll be not thinking about him. Is it normal?

Once you’ve got into a relationship, you will face JEALOUSY. I thought I could overcome with the problem, but it’s hard. If I’m being honest, I would get jealous looking at him talking to Tanya. Sometimes, I want to scream and say, “hey, he’s mine”, something like that, I know it’s lame but I can’t because we don’t want any of our friends know about us. We only told to our trusted friends and some important people.

It’s kind of hard to make others think we’re not a couple because I really do want to be clingy around my boyfriend 24/7. I don’t care. We can’t act as a couple in school because there’s a lot of will get suspicious about us. Such as our own friends. I have to act as if I like somebody else so I can fit in with them and they will think I like somebody else. It really is hard because my boyfriend would get jealous if he heard I fan girl to other boys. I don’t blame him though.

I have to act like I’m not into him where actually I’m really into him. I am so obsessed with him, every single thing about him, even his flaws. I just really in love with him. I wish I could cuddle up with him and play with his hair. I know I can’t but someday, I would love to! Just not know when though.

We may fight sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that I hate him. Why would I hate such a kind-hearted person? That’s just silly. Whatever he did or will do, I know that for sure my love for him will not change. Even for a bit.

I saw him earlier somewhere, it was so good to see him. It made me so happy. I’m very happy right now. A bit tired but it was a good day.

I’m so blessed to have such an amazing boyfriend. I can’t express how lucky I am to date him. This is for the first time I felt I’ve fallen in love with a guy.  Back then, I wasn’t that mature but now, I feel a bit mature.

This is for the future if he found somebody else. I don’t care if he love somebody else in the future, but for sure my love for him will never fade no matter what. Whatever he will do to make me hate him, I won’t hate but at least I can be happy for him.

I’m so happy right now with my love life. I feel like it’s the best decision I’ve ever made to confess that I liked him too, last year. I don’t know what would happen if I didn’t confess to him. It may be awkward and we’ll be not as close as were or maybe we’re getting apart.

I’m so glad I confessed. He makes me happy. The idea of him makes me happy. Everything is him, and he is my everything.


I will try to avoid the sensitivity that present in my life or jealousy, okay? HEHE.










Jhene Aiko – Eternal Sunshine


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