Notes about LOVE

Hello there, I’m back again with another blog post.

I am here to tell you all about something.

Basically, Ander and I started as strangers, obviously and then move to friends and after to bestfriends and so on. It was an unexpected relationship because I just got out from my 2-years-relationship which was pretty intense, I tell you.

Note : Don’t ever date a guy who is a control-freak for example, he’s mad just because you go somewhere else with your family. Guys, family is important, we all know that, right? It’s like making to choose THE FAMILY or HIM. Date a guy who is ACTUALLY CARING about you and doesn’t get mad whenever you got functions and whatnot.

We really were very close back then (and getting even more closer now). It was like, I’m there for him, to listen to any of his problems and I supported him in anyway despite his wrongdoings but he made things right back but somehow, I also felt like I was being used. It doesn’t matter now anymore.

I still remember the way he confessed, and I actually didn’t get the idea of him when confessing. I was really blurred that time because I was immature. He also back then kept giving me hints that I wasn’t aware of. I was that clueless girl. VERY CLUELESS.

Note : Be aware of the clues that they gave, they can be the person you can’t live without. 🙂

I’m not really expert on this love stuff, but I experienced some. I’ve been cheated on, lied to, and being used. No matter what, love is unpredictable. That’s all I could say. It’s just that you guys have to wait for the right one to come on the right time. People come and go. They can’t always be there for you. You’ll just have to wait and don’t rush things. If it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be. If not, then no.

Well, wish you all the best in everything, talk soon and always be happy!




HONNE – Someone That Loves you (Ft Izzy Bizu)


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